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Alanya Sightseeing

What can you do in Alanya and surroundings?

We can give you a few tips:

Damlatas cave

Damlataş Cave was found in 1948 when it was opened for stone pit during construction of port. Cave is on the west coast of the historical Alanya Castle.

The so-called drops of water created the cave dating back to nearly 15000 years. Even today, the drops of water keep dripping, the reason why the cave was called Damlatas, combination of the words ‘damla-drop’ and ‘stone-taş’ . The cave is so well known today because of its beauty and its air inside which is very healthy for the respiratory tract (especially for the patients with asthma). The air in the cave does not change and it includes the following; In the 71% nitrogen, 20,5% oxygen, 2,5/10.000 (between two and half and ten thousand) CO2 and also some radioactive ion.

It is the first cave which was opened to tourism in Turkey. There is an admission fee for the visits.

The Alanya castle

As being the most significant landmark of the city, the castle has great value for Alanya. In the early days, it was used for strategic distribution. Alanya castle is known to be the best protected castle throughout history. With the peak jutting into the sea, access to intruders was nearly impossible.

So you could attack them only over land, because there were only a few warships in the area at the time. The castle walls stretch from the top of the hill to the red tower.

The surroundings and some parts inside the castle can be visited with an admission fee. You can reach the castle by bus or cable car (explanation follows). It is also fun to walk down the castle path.

The harbor

The use of harbor for the ships dates back to ancient times. Today there are the so-called pirate ships with which you can make a tour around the castle. There are many different alternatives such as large cruise ships which are mostly preferred. At the harbor promenade you can find many small stalls for street food along with the restaurants, cafes and bars. A walk on the promenade is always a good idea!

Red tower

As being the second most important landmark of the city, The Red Tower was built in the heyday of Alanya. It served for the protection of the port and the shipyard. If you are on the way to the castle, the tower is an ideal starting point. The tower is 33 meters high and you have a great view of the harbor and the castle hill. There is an admission fee. The shipyard is rather an unknown sight in Alanya. Although it is located directly under the castle, it is easy to miss. A narrow path leads from the Red Tower over the seawalls to the Seljuk shipyard. There is a museum telling the story of ship building in Alanya.

There is also a lighthouse located at the harbor. In the direction of the Red Tower (at the end of the road), turn left then go up the stairs and again turn left on the long rock path. This path leads directly to the lighthouse and you can go up to the top where you can both enjoy the day & night time views of the charming harbor, the castle and part of the city. You can visit the lighthouse for free.

The cableway

The cable car in Alanya is 900 meters long and provides access to the Ehmedek Citadel, which is located at a height of 300 meters at the castle. The cable car was put into operation in 2017 and can carry 1130 people per hour with 17 cabins. You are charged for the ride.

The view you will experience during the ride will inspire you because you can see the Cleopatra beach completely, the Damlataş cave and the city itself. This is most worthwhile during the day, but in the evening it still looks beautiful.

City terrace

You will find the terrace in the direction of the mountains. In 2017, it was expanded and they added an ‘I Love Alanya’ sign which can be seen also from the harbor. From there you can view the complete city of Alanya, the harbor, the castle and of course the sea. The view is beautiful day and night. You can enjoy the peace and quiet in a cafe there or sit on one of the many park benches. On Sundays when the weather is nice you may see the locals at the picnic area and have a barbecue on the terrace. You can reach the terrace by bus or car. You will never forget this view!

Suleymaniye Camii (mosque)

Süleymaniye the inconspicuous mosque is built within the tower.

The path from the red tower leads you to the mosque entrance.

In our mosques it is obligatory to take off your shoes in front of the entrance. Eye-catching clothing like a mini-skirt should be avoided, and the shoulders should be covered as well. As in all mosques, women should wear head scarves and loose pants in order to cover their bodies.

Bazar Alanya and shopping

The bazaar in the center of Alanya, takes place every Friday on a large parking lot. It is possible to find all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables, which is brought directly from the wholesale.

There is also a selection of clothes and small gifts. Going to the bazaar is simply a part of the trip to Alanya. The shops on Atatürk Boulevard, in the waterfront district, in the Alanyum shopping center and in Konakli make shopping lovers’ hearts beat faster.

The shop owners offer some sales in certain times throughout the year. Alanya also offers a wide range of jewelry stores.

(Please pay attention to the customs regulations when entering the EU)

You can pay with the following when you’re shopping; Turkish Lira, Euro or Dollar. Credit and debit cards are accepted.

Archaeological Museum

The museum is located opposite Cleopatra Beach and Damlataş Cave. There you will find excavations dating back to 7000 years, which were found in ruins and surroundings. There is an entrance fee for the visit.

Atatürk House

The leader and founder of Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, lived in this house when he visited Alanya. In 19th century, the house was built in traditional Ottoman style. Later on, a museum is created on 3 floors of the house in honor of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. You can find private objects of Atatürk, the furniture he used and much more are available in the museum. Admission is free.

Cave of the Lovers

The Cave of Lovers is a cave near the southern tip of the Alanya Peninsula. The cave is located high above the sea level and it is like a hole between two massive rocks. Experienced climbers can reach the cave from either side of the peninsula.

During the boat trip around the peninsula, stop at this point for a moment.

Legend has it that pirates once hid their captives and treasures here. Another tells that couples love to spend their time here undisturbed.

Cleopatra beach

The beach is in front of Damlataş Cave, west of the historic peninsula. It has a blue flag. The sea looks so clear like a pool and is famous for the fact that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and the Roman Emperor Antonius swam here. You can enjoy the natural beauty and the depth of the sea with the help of swimming goggles.

Dim River

Dim River is a narrow river, in a narrow valley in the north of Alanya. Apart from the beauty of its cool water, there is an excellent trout restaurant and a stalactite cave to see. There are also other restaurants built on docks on the water. People sit on the water and can eat and drink to enjoy their visits. The river is not only a popular destination for tourists, it is even appreciated by the locals.

The cold water of the river comes from a dam, which is located above the mountains. You can reach Dim River by bus or in the form of a day trip which you can book in Alanya or at your tour operator.

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