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The Origin of Hammam (Turkish Spa) comes from Roman Empire. Roman baths affected Anatolian and Ottoman culture and Turks made some modifications of taking bath according to their own culture, beliefs and traditions. In Roman baths there was “still water” to wash your body but for the Muslim society still water was not clean enough to take a bath. The water had to be running in order to remove the dirt from the body so Hammam and Turkish baths were modified accordingly and became popular in Anatolia and in Ottoman Empire. In the course of time, Hammams became one of the socializing areas for Ottomans where business talks are made and women gather and make celebrations with musical instruments before their weddings. Today in Turkey these traditions are still very popular. Hammam and relaxing rooms are available in most of the hotels and resorts in Turkey. Later on, these Hammams became Spa Centers with the modifications and contributions of European countries.

”Sanus per aquam” is the Latin word for ‘SPA’ and derives from the town of the same name, Spa in Belgium. Spa in Belgium known to be a bathing and health resort since the 16th century. In those times, especially the British visited the Belgian Spa. As a result, the term spa was primarily created in the UK. Today, Americans replaced the term Spa with the International meaning of health and wellness facility.

In our Spa center in Club Kastalia there are various types of services where you can relax your body and soul. Thanks to our experienced team, you will recover from all the stressful moments of life and feel refreshed.

Here are some recommendations. Also on our website you will find everything our spa offers for our guests:

1. Hammam & Foam Massage

Enjoy a Turkish bath followed by massages. A combination of water, foam, fragrance and gentle massage on a warm/heated marble stone awaits you in our Hammam. Then relax your muscles with various massages which our team will advise you regarding the type that suits you the best. .

2. Various types of massages and hot stone therapy

A massage technique that uses hot stones that promise pure relaxation. The Hot Stone Massage is applied only with basalt stones. The origins of this is not only related with the Chinese culture, but also with the shamans dating back to thousand years. The lava stones are heated to 50 to 60 degrees Celsius in a water bath using special heating equipment. During the massage, the stones are placed on specific energy points, along meridians and on stressed body zones, so that the heat can be released and fully unfolded. Then the stones are used to gently massage the body zones and special scented oils round off the treatment to a holistic, sensual experience. This massage technique is also suitable for massaging reflex zones. Other than this full body, head massage, foot massage types are the one of the best ones that our center offers.

3. Manicure and Pedicure

The classic manicure is a cosmetic application and refers to the professional care of the hands feet and fingernails. The cosmetic treatment includes services such as bathing hands and feet in warm water with cleansing lotions, shortening and filing nails, cleaning the nail bed, removing corns, hand massages or reflex massages, skin care by applying creams or masks and applying nail polish.

We look forward to your visit to our SPA center!.

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